A live journal of random thoughts from Roderic Gill, blogger-in-charge of the long-established Bicyclism Blog and Enviro Blog. Necessary Revolution is a constellation of ramblings around the black hole necessity for the cultural shifting of our times; from an endemic plague of over-indulgent consumerism and abject self-centredness to a transcendent perspective that admits the assertion of individual responsibility for our actions and their impacts on ever suffering Planet Earth. Necessary Revolution is really about the need for we people to think more critically about all those things that we accept based on worn-out traditions and unreflexive herd behaviour. The Necessary Revolution is a revolution of the mind. It’s all about the systematic exploration of all assumptions, judicious suspicion of any and all who proclaim themselves to be experts, and putting too much faith in the actions and arguments of others. The Necessary Revolution is about Critical Thinking and how thinking more critically about what we do in relation to our management of environmental resources in particular, is at the core of any pathway to a more ‘sustainable future’.

Blogger Roderic Gill has a Phd in the area of Ecological Economics, was at one time a professor at an Australian university, was instrumental in setting up Ecological Economics in Australia, has supervised over 20 wonderful Phd students exploring ways and means through which to change the prevailing culture of fragmented, reductionist thinking that plagues our planet, and is a dedicated manic-obsessive cyclist! He is most recently dedicated to the cause of capturing his passion for un-damaged wilderness areas through the medium of photography.